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The Half Shell Oyster Bar and Hot Dog Shop is a very cool place to get great food in Newnan, GA.  They are known for their sort of “unusual” pairing of freshly shucked Appalachicola oysters..and what they call “The Best Hot Dogs in town”.  Folks from all over Atlanta and the surrounding areas come here not only for the great food, but for the down home, and friendly service too! 

Their menu is packed with a lot of the comfort foods that are best known in the southern parts of the world.  You can get a mouth watering brunswick stew , plus they have a great variety of sandwiches to include tasty pulled pork bbq.  And ya’ll, let me tell you…..they have probably the best darn chicken salad I have ever tasted!!

There are three locations to serve you.  Two in Newnan, GA., and their newest location which is in Fayetteville, GA.  My suggestion is to find the one closest to you….and “get ta steppin in that direction”.   I know you’ll be happy you did, cuz the food is great and the folks there are friendly.  Besides…where else can you get great tasting hot dogs AND fresh oysters in the same spot?  How’s that for variety??


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