Share Your Special Day With Friends and Family!

I love to share cool stuff when I find it!  Sometimes I run across stuff that I think would either make a neat gift, or maybe be something fun to play with…cuz I love fun stuff to play with online!! 

Well, this falls into the catagory of something that I believe would make a cool gift to a couple that’s getting married.  What a nice present to give to someone….an online wedding album they can share with everyone, right???  I know folks who are getting married that have family who live out of state and cannot attend.  This is a cool way to include everyone without the expense of everybody flying in.  Also, what about people who want a simple courthouse wedding, but wants their friends and family to feel like they are a part of the blessed occasion?  Why not have an online album that you can add lots of pictures and stories about yourselves and your family?  Either way, I think this is very cool and I hope you’ll check it out and see for yourself. 

And, it’s not too shabby that they have a free affiliate program so that people like me who think that this is awesome can actually get a few pennies for sharing this with others!  I mean, we do it all the time right?  We always want everyone we know to experience the cool stuff we find, whether a good movie or a great restaurant…..well this is kind of the same.  So check it out and maybe you’ll love it too!   Click on the link below and see how easy it is to create a stunning online wedding album that’s really beautiful and would be cool to share with your friends and family!

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