You’re Darned If Ya’ Do, and Darned If Ya’ Don’t!!!

Well, guys…here is another example of “you are darned if you do and darned if you don’t”.  Here’s why:

As some of you know, I’ve been going through it with my mortgage company for some time now.  The bottom line is that they will not modify my loan because “the investor will not allow it in any way, shape or form”.  So it doesn’t matter to the investor that:  1.  They have not and will continue not to receive ANY payment from me.  2.  The house will sit until they finally decide to foreclose (which so far has been scheduled and cancelled 4 times).  3. There has been little sales activity in my area and the ones that did sell went for far less than the original price.  4. And finally…it’s just smarter and better for them to go ahead and work with me instead of letting the points in 1, 2 and 3 continue.   But who am I to say what’s smart for them….right?  Right indeed.  Here is how smart they REALLY are…

I, after thoughtful consideration of all of the far reaching effects of doing so..decided to be proactive about this unfortunate turn of events.  I figured that since I was blessed to find another house to move in to that more than suits my and my family’s needs, I would take the lead in this chess game and offer to deed the home back to my lender.  I decided to cut my losses and rather than wait for the inevitable foreclosure, I would take this step in an effort to put it all behind me and begin my process of building a much stronger foundation and moving only forward….never looking back.  So I called them to find out what the steps are to get this ball rolling….and that’s when I found out that lending institutions were really insane asylums with the patients serving as customer service representatives!!!

Here is what they told me… and I quote:   CSR/Mental patient: “Ma’am, have you thought about doing a short sale?  Me: “Yes I’ve considered that, but since there have been at least 5 homes in my subdivision listed for over 2 years, I don’t really want to drag this thing out any longer than I have to”.  CSR/ Mental patient:  “Well, if you are considering doing a deed in lieu of foreclosure, we have to see if you qualify for that”.  Me:  “What do you mean, qualify?”   CSR/Mental patient:  “Well, you will have to send us a month worth of pay stubs and a letter of hardship so we can review it to see if you are eligible to deed your home back to us”.  Me:  “So…..I’ve been sending you this very same info for almost two years to see if I qualify to keep the home…which you tell me I do not.  But now I have to send you the same info so you can tell me if I qualify to give it back to you?”   CSR/Mental patient:  “Yes, that’s right”.  Me:  “Well, can you tell me what the criteria is to determine whether I would or would not qualify to deed the home back to you?”  CSR/Mental Patient:  “No ma’am….we don’t have that info, only the investor can decide”.  Me:  “So this same investor that will not allow me to keep the home could also decide not to allow me to give it back?”  CSR/Mental Patient:  “Yes, ma’am…that’s correct”.

So, now you see why this post is entitled “Darned if ya’ do and darned if ya’ don’t!  See, I have now realized that when you deal with crazy….there is no amount of reason that you can apply to the situation.  I have finally realized that all along….I’ve been fighting crazy…with REASON!!!   You can’t do that!!  You have to let crazy run it’s course.  So…that’s where I am now.  Letting crazy run it’s course.  And I’m ok with that.  In fact, these last couple of days/weeks have begun to feel much more relaxed, and in spite of a few minor speed bumps in the road….things are beginning to look a lot like tranquility.  I am so grateful for the access to this outlet of writing about the recent events and I appreciate those that take a minute to ride along with me on this journey.  One thing I know for sure is that no matter what…from now on….I’m gonna make this ride as fun and productive as I can.  So, until my next tussle comes along….I’m gonna just enjoy some calm waters.

Peace, ya’ll…


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