The Complexities of Women-Chapter One

I was thinking today at how different men and women really are.  Not just the obvious differences, but there are many layers to our REAL differences.  Here is one example:

When a man doesn’t like someone, or considers a person as an enemy….that’s it!  There are no pleasant conversations and there are certainly no lunch dates or hang out sessions.  Basically, a man will not waste time with a person who he doesn’t like.  But now…women…ok, it’s kind of complicated, but of course…I’m here to “Break it Down” for you….:)

As a woman, I can tell you that for as long as I can remember, I’ve had “friends” that were just a hot mess of bitchiness!!!  I mean, the kind of ladies (and I use that term loosely) that would attempt to steal/seduce your boyfriend…just to prove to you that he was “no good for you”, or tell people all of your private business and then get back with you to tell you that people are “talking about you like a dog!”  I know..scandalous!!  But here is the funny part…..Women will actually still consider them “friends”.  Yes, you read that right….FRIENDS!!!  Now, don’t get me wrong, we DO actually know the difference between friends and enemies.  But women have evolved to the point of creating a new category of people….and we call them “Fre-nemies”…(both friend and enemy).  This is really not a new thing….but it came up again recently when I noticed that it’s being displayed so often now.  In TV shows, movies and of course in real life.

I don’t know if it’s some type of psychosis that we have or what (LOL!!!).  I’d just like to think that we are “highly evolved beings” that can extract the good and fun things out of a person and not totally discard them because of their obvious flaws.  (That sounded so intelligent, didn’t it?).  Whatever the reason, I know that there are women out there right now having to acknowledge that at least of few of their friends are actually “Fre-nemies” and that in spite of knowing right from wrong and the difference between good people and bad people that we still let these women stay in our circle.  I guess the old adage is true….”keep your friends close, but….keep your FRE-NEMIES closer!!!”


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