Simple Pleasures That Mean So Much..

It’s funny, but when I daydream about how fabulous of a life I would love to be living, how big of a home or what kind of material things I would love to possess, it feels really good and I get so excited.  But the truth is that it rarely gives me the same joyful feeling as something simple that is already within my reach.


For example, I had a very good friend that passed away last year.  RC was doing very well financially and he loved to share his fortunate position in life with his friends….ok…he was sort of a “show-off”  LOL!!  But really, even though he was a show-off, he still really had a good heart and loved to entertain and have people over to his home.  And what a home he had!  I met him when I was a mortgage loan officer , and he was buying his first home.  This was about 8 years ago.   RC was 24 at the time and we just hit it off and became friends from there.  Long story short….he was quite well off and so he had a lot of “big boy’s toys” like boats (cabin cruisers and jet boats), luxury cars and of course that fantastic home.  I spent a lot of time with him and he showed me a side of life that I had only dreamed of.  Spending the weekend out on the lake on a luxury cabin cruiser, dining out, the whole nine yards.  I thought, “Wow, how can I grab this life and run with it?”  And in case anyone was wondering….no RC and I were not dating….he was kinda like my best “girl” friend….if you catch my drift!!!  Anywhoo….

I knew that hanging out with him was sort of like the daydreams I have about being financially free to plan your days as you see fit.  This was not my “normal” everyday life, but still lot’s of fun all the same.  But as fun as it was, and as fantastic as it felt to experience that…you know what feels even better than that did?  Waking up in the morning, with the ceiling fan blowing..with my sweethart (Anthony) next to me …and our two doggies (Roscoe and Sugar) curled up on the foot of the bed!  I can tell you that when I wake up and they are all around me….I feel in that moment that I have everything I need, and that’s a wonderful feeling.  I know it may sound silly to some, but for me….it’s a little piece of heaven.

Sometimes, the simplest of things make the biggest impressions on our hearts.



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