Don’t Wait For Something To Happen….Make It Happen!

Have you ever found yourself waiting for something big to happen before you make a hard or life changing decision? Like for instance, if you are not happy with your job and want to be doing something different…do you wait for something to piss you off before you begin looking for something else?? Or maybe you are in an unhappy relationship of some type and really unfulfulled, but you wait for a big fight to make a move to leave it? You know what I mean…do you wait for a sign or an affirmation of sorts before you pull the trigger and make a big change? Well, I have found that I sometimes do that very thing myself. But, I’ve gotta tell you…as I get older (and a bit wiser), I am learning really fast that I have to start trusting my intuition more often and just refuse to languish in this life waiting for something outside of me before I bust a move!!

You see, God has more than equipped us to know in most cases what would be the best move for our lives. But somehow, we’ve gotten more comfortable with listening to others instead of listening to our own inner voice. Can’t you agree that when you look back over your life, that there are many examples of times when you knew almost immediately which road to take? However…I bet…just like a lot of people do…you asked someone else’s opinion first..(friend, co-worker, loved one, etc.), and all that really did was cloud the waters even more, right!! You see, that’s because we have gotten away from trusting in our own ability to make decisions. Forget the media, forget yo’ cousin’s sista’s friend’s mother in law (LOL!!). Forget all of that….and listen to the voice within YOU. Understand the power that God blessed you with (intuition). Learn to listen to that and tune out the rest…and I bet you that you’ll begin to feel so much more empowered and focused. Tune out the interference and the white noise and unleash the power that lies within.

Be Blessed!


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